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About Us

Don’t Pay Pros is the brainchild of brother/sister duo – Jay and Rikki. Both fiercely independent, we prefer to learn to do things ourselves, rather than rely on other people.

Plus, after awhile – don’t you get tired of the song and dance of getting bids for jobs, figuring out budgets, then waiting on work to start, hoping workers do their job, projects going over budget, and then the dreaded finale of the work not looking how you want? Us, too.

Take charge of your home maintenance, car maintenance, travel, and more by DIY. Learn alongside us as we use videos to share everything we know with you.

Feel free to read our privacy policy, terms & conditions, and disclosure/disclaimer. While we always hope everyone is wildly successful attempting any and all DIY projects, we cannot be held responsible if that isn’t the case. Please always use caution, be mindful of children and animals, and stop if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable.